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Is it wise to buy a PS3 just to play GTA 5?


I want to buy a PS3 just to play GTA 5 for now during the Christmas holidays.Here’s what I plan to do:-

1)Buy a Classic white 12gb ps3 worth 17,000Rs(this is a stand alone version)

2)Buy the GTA 5 game worth 3000Rs

3)Since 12gb is not enough,i will buy a 320gb hdd to upgrade.that’s worth around 3,500Rs

So a total of 23,500Rs which almost the same price as a 500gb PS3.

So my question is whether i should buy the ps3 like above or instead buy a 500gb ps3 & a gta 5 game? Which would be better?

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  1. It is wise to buy a ps3 on its own. Whether you play gta5 or no.

    I would recommend you to take the 350gb hdd so that you could partition it alongside & use it for your pc as well. But if you want 500gb more memory then you should take the 500gb model.

  2. Honestly I would just wait for the PS4 to come out. GTA 5 and other games will run so much better on that. PS3 is about to fade out soon. Supposed to be released this month. I have GTA 5 on my Xbox 360 runs super laggy and horrible. A lot of the graphics have be taken out too, to be supported on the ps3. PS4 is the total experience other than a PC.

  3. just buy the 500 gig ps3 right away , its a lot less work and you’ll use the space. they have a gta5 bundle with the game included free , or you can buy the game separately if you really want that game ( heaven knows why , its not that good and has a lot of bugs from what I can see )

    if you want a white ps3 they sell them in a 500 gig bundle , that’s what I have although its not white anymore , I used some colored pens and made it into a spiderman pattern

  4. its wise to buy a ps3 even if you dont buy the game because i see there are good exclusives. you could buy the 160 gb one like i did.

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