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Is it worth getting a PS Vita?


I have an Xbox 360, and I used to have a Nintendo DS. I am interested in getting the PS Vita, but is it worth it? I usually like to play action games, and sometimes sports.


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  1. I have a vita and am quite happy with it. If you like action they have: Killzone Mercanary (coming soon), Uncharted golden abyss (great fun shooter/platformer), Sly cooper theives in time (loading times are long but it is one of the best games on vita), When vikings attack (a good game but it gets repetitive), Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (One of the best for action in my opinion. A rock solid fun fighter that is great with friends), Soul sacrifice (got great reviews but I have not tried it). There are many more that I have failed tomension due to lack of effort 🙂

    there are some great sport games too, very realistic: MLB 12/13, Fifa soccer, ect.

    I am more of a littlebigplanet, Plants vs Zombies, Guacamelee, Terraria, or Stranger’s wrath kinda guy myself 🙂

    Overall I love my vita and am using it to type this right now 🙂 I certainly recommend it!

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