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Is my Laptop A mini Xbox?


I just got this Laptop about a month ago now. Its a Toshiba with Windows 8 on it and its a touchscreen too.

Anyways I dont get the normal Desktop like old laptop/computers has I get this Kinda, App’s option and within these App’s I have. Desktop App, music App, Camera App, Video, Media Player, News, Sports News, Ects Apps. Well There are 3 Apps I see that makes me question this and they are.

Xbox 360 Game App, Xbox 360 Store App, and Xbox 360 Smart Glass.

So seeing these 3 here before I go thinking that I now have a Xbox or something. IS my laptop a Mini Xbox 360 or something that I can play xbox games on ( Downloaded or not )

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  1. Yes. The laptop also runs Xbox 360 games, given you have a DVD drive. Buy some games on disc and see what I mean.

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