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Is Playstation 2 Out Of Date Now?


Is the playstation 2 out of date? Because its way to expensive for an playstation 3 or an xbox 360. Plus I have 100’s of games for the playstation 2.

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  1. If you still like to play it then it really doesn’t matter what other people think, right? And I agree they are expensive. I have a Wii now, but for the longest time I had a PS2 because that’s all that was affordable. Don’t worry about it, and just keep playing(:

  2. Sadly yes I don’t know if any company’s besides the sports games make new ones anymore.

    And if they do they just do a rush job with a lack of effort

  3. I wouldn’t say the PS2 is out of date. I still play lots of games for that console 😛 and luckily I have a PS3 that allows games made for the PS2 to work as well. the xbox offers few game options, and like you said, the PS3 is really expensive. however, if you already have the games, then I say go for the PS2.

  4. nope games r still made and people r still buying it. it is still supported and its sales r just as high as 360, ps3 n wii.

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