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Is playstation network compatible with satellite internet?


I have wild blue at my house which runs at 1.5 mbps. I currently have an xbox 360 and it lets me use xbox live but when i try to play a game it is either to laggy and wont even let me function for the most part or it just won’t let me join a match. please only answer if you know for sure.

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  1. “compatible” is the wrong question. it will work, but the lag makes it suck.

    The biggest problem with satellite internet is the “latency” or “lag” that occurs because you are sending and receiving information all the way up into space!

    A faster and cheaper solution is mobile broadband that uses cellular tower networks.

    Check out the comparison this guy makes:

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    you can learn more from the EVDO Experts at these links:

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  2. Satellite internet will work for most things. Downloading, communicating with friends, etc will work. Online gaming, however, might be lagged. First-person shooters, racing games, and other games that require immediate processes will have some lag. However, for example, online bowling or something like that shouldn’t be a problem.

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