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is playstation network up yet?



  1. first of all, i have no idea what these three people are saying.

    second, psn is still down. uggh its so annoying! its been past 2 weeks! hopefully it will be back up before it reaches its 3rd week.

  2. Emmi i completely agree with you. People who bi’tch about the inconvenience and how there swichin to xbox pisses me off. If u wanna be helpful, shut up and let them do there job!

  3. No it isnt which makes me laugh

    a few years back i was thinking bout buying a ps3 over xbox. But it wasnt comletly my desision since my bro bought half of it so we got an xbox. I give ps3 its graphics, it quality(even tho some newer ps3s are getting yellow light of death which is equivelint to red rings of death)an also its free internet. I also know the original white xboxes are as loud as #@?^ but the internet is way more securitive,and its also faster. i also like the xboxes controller better whith its analog sticks going down so your thumbs dont fall of and the left thumb being higher than the right. Which gets me to my point xboxs are for hardcore gamers and ps3s are for family gamers.Which gets me to my MAIN point im glad i bought xbox over Ps3. Tehe :)!!.

  4. No. I personally want them to take their time and do it properly to ensure that a similar incident doesn’t happen again.

  5. If you own a ps3 go check for yourself! And you obviously have the internet as well, hop on over to playstation.com and click on the news feed for the latest updates. Facebook, and I’m sure twitter as well, posts updates if youre a fan of their page.

    And no, it is not.

    Edit: And in reference to MisterAwesome; Securitive is not a word. and less than 3% of all ps3s get the YLOD, so in that respect it’s nothing like the RRoD.

  6. turn on your console stop wasting peoples time they are doing the best they can i have both consoles i am just playing xbox live while psn is down then its back and forth again cal of duty is stupid so get battlefield

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