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Is there any difference between the PS3 Slim and the original PS3 besides that fact that it is smaller?


The original PS3 is the only playstation 3 that is backwards compatible with ps2 games. Is there any difference between graphics, or tech issues or anything?

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  1. My fat sexier one got a YLOD this summer, I ended up buying a Slim one, slim uses less power consumption and less heat and noise reduction due to the new chip that reduces this electricity consumption. The PS3 slim attracts people because it’s 35% lighter & smaller then the fat PS3 and uses 50% less energy. Thin and smaller gadgets are in. It’ll take up less space and has a bigger hard drive, as well as Bravia Sync feature. Less dust attraction, scratch marks, and fingerprints. I have to say, it really is the best upgrade from fat one, even though fat one looked sexy and lasted me 4 1/2 years. The Slim PS3 is not backwards compatible with ps2 games but can play ps1 games. Also it gets no YLOD or reduces the chances of getting one. I bought with 4 year warranty just in case lol

  2. There is no difference in the graphics. The difference is, it reduces it’s risk in having YLOD(overheating) that can cause breakdown of your console.The power button and eject button in the PS3 slim is no longer touch sensitive not like the old PS3 that if you slightly touch it will already turn on. The old ps3 have memory card reader and has more usb dock not like in ps3 slim it has only 2. Also the old ps3 has a power switch in the back that the ps3 slim don’t have. Sorry for the bad english. ^_^ hope it helps.

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