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Is there any way to tell which disk drive goes with a xbox 360 motherboard?


I bought 8 Xbox 360’s for parts. Some had rrod and some needed a dvd drive. I’m aware that the disk drive and the motherboard have a specific key needed to work but, I’m pretty sure the disk drives were mixed and matched before I bought them. Is there anyway to tell which disk drive goes with which motherboard or is there anyway I can bypass this? Serial number, dates, something?

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  1. Well, once you’ve fixed the RROD or the problem with the mobo’s (heat gun) – you can hook the fan up and plug in the little panel to turn the unit on, you can even plug a hard drive in if you are careful – hook it up to a tv and while the until is still open and its guts are out plug up a disk drive and see if it works on that unit. If it doesn’t, shut it down, plug another one in. etc.

    You might have to do it 8 times – but you should find the one that goes with that unit. When you do – put the unit back together.

    I always plug in the unit and hook it to a tv when it is open like that to see if it works so I don’t have to put it together and take it all apart again just to fix it. They are easy to fix but they are b it ches to get into. I have 2 HDMI units for sale on ebay and can’t get rid of them for the starting price of $25. Which sucks. Fix these units, get rid of them, then don’t buy anymore.

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