Home Playstation Forum Is there some way to contact treyarch or activision about black ops?

Is there some way to contact treyarch or activision about black ops?


Im going mad playing this game. I have the best connection out of anyone I know. On psn or otherwise. Yet somehow Im getting owned by laggers. I don’t see how Im doing so bad with such a great connection. and im not new to it i have over a 2.0 kd

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  1. there probably is. but what would you say to them? what would they be able to fix? probably not much of either

  2. sure

    go to the treyarch website or callofduty.com and look for a contact information tab

    there’s always a way to contact game developers on their websites , either the contact information will show the e-mail address or it’ll give a form to e-mail from the site

    I wouldn’t expect much of a response though , your better option if you feel the other players are cheating is file a grief report on the game and ps3 websites and report cheaters. you’ll want proof if possible ( something like players names , time of day etc. or a game video )

    a best option – stop buying call of duty games until they stop allowing cheaters and hackers. money talks loudest. play a game with more mature players who aren’t in it to boost and cheat to get xp and better mods like killzone 3 , socom or mag. no glitches go unfixed in them and people play as a team.

    more fun too and way better games.

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