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Is this harming my xbox 360 slim?


Throughout the day my lil bro plays on his ps3 we both share a bedroom so i cant play on on my 360 because hes never off the ps3.

so in the daytime i take the 360 downstairs then at night if i want to play the 360 ill take it upstairs

my bro falls asleep realy early =)

i was wondering does moving it about a few times a day regulary does this have an affect on the 360

i have it stood up if that makes a diffrence and before moving it i take the game out

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  1. moveing it should not damage it but it should b put flat not on it’s side the fan pulls from the sides i have had 3 get red ring from standing on the side the one i have now is fine and i am on all day playing cod

  2. well it doesn’t really ruin it, it just messes w/ the circuits and just needs a moment to cool down. and its good tht you take the game out leaving the game in can be a big mistake. also i must warn you never flip the xbox from standing up to its side while the game is inside the xbox this can horribly damage the disk and leave multiple scratch rings in it

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