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It only took one day to repair my Xbox 360?


I dont know if they replaced my xbox or fixed it. its very weird that they repaired it in one day and is now on its way back to my house. are they sending me a complete new system or did they just replace it?

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  1. yea they most likely sent you a new one so they could get to other people’s xbox’s consider yourself lucky

  2. When I sent my Elite in a couple of months ago I noticed that the website said they had 48 hours to ‘repair or replace’ your system once they have received it. Mine was shipped out in two days (well, really three, because of the weekend.)

    There first goal is to repair your console. The second is to send you a refurbished unit. If they can’t send you a refurbished unit they will send you a new one in return. That’s what happened to me.

    Also, be sure to re-register your 360. When I called in they told me that I would receive an extra month of the regular warranty (since mine was just over a year old) for free because of my troubles. However, when I went to register it I noticed that I had received a full year of warranty to go along with the new 360.

    Good luck. Here’s hoping you got a new one. 😉

  3. if you are tracking it on the site, don’t believe that, wait about 2 days when its updated, it will show you that they just received it.

  4. why does it make a difference? and anyway, they probably fix them extremely fast because so many break.

  5. they take yours and give u a referbished one the reson why it would take so long to send it in durging the summer is that they had no referbished ones fixed so they couldnt send it in imeddiately

    im good at this stuff after turning it in 4 times

    .after the 4th time u get overnight shiping so u can send it in on a monday and get it wensday 😛

  6. they sent you a completely new system because i did that and the package says somewhere that the xbox360 has been a brand new one and that they took the old one and are repairing it to send it to someone else

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