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ive got a wii and a 360 but ever 1 says to me o yer get a ps3 there miles better but r they lol?



  1. yes it is considerably better than both of the other 2 systems. just make sure that u have a hdtv with component or hdmi cables. without hd theere is really no point to it. if u have hdtv, then the ps3 will be a much better value because it has so much more features included for the lowest price.

  2. The PS3 is currently the best system out and don’t be swayed just because the 360 sells more systems. All you have to do is compare the specs of both systems and you can see that the xbox 360 will start having problems supporting next-gen games (such as the game being too big to fit on one regular dvd). Also the ps3 has some great upcoming features such as home and some incredible exclusive games that are only possible on the ps3 such as MGS4. I personally have considered all 3 systems and I decided that the ps3 was the best way to go.

    BLU-RAY: Blu-ray is now the only HD disc for movies and games now that HD DVD dropped out. Blu-ray discs for the ps3 means HUGE games with unbelievable amount of detail and incredible clarity of the graphics because of the large amount of space that is available on a blu-ray disc. Also it’s the cheapest blu-ray player available on the market for high def movies.

    HOME: If you don’t know what “Home” is then you are missing one of the main reasons to buy the ps3. HOME is a free community that will soon be available for the ps3 via a firmware update (one of the other great features of the ps3). You make an avatar of yourself, make a house, and then explore the community talking to people and playing free games against them or hooking up to play a game you have already such as MGS4 or any other online game. Here’s a video that will show you how awesome it will be. [url is not allowed].

    FREE ONLINE: Although right now the PSN (Playstation Network) is not quite as good as Xbox Live it is very good and soon will surpass Xbox Live because of HOME. Also it is completely free and a wireless receiver is built in so all you need is a wireless router or you can choose a wired connection. Also you can download demos, buy games (such as PAIN which I love!!), or download themes for your ps3. Also via firmware update will be accomplishments which is basically the same as xbox’s achievements except you will have a 3d trophy room with 3d trophies that you can literally walk around and show off to all your friends.

    MEDIA CENTER: You can save movies, photos, and games on your ps3 and have plenty of memory to spare. With 40 or 80gb you don’t have to be afraid of filling up your hard drive.

    GREAT GAMES: Some Xbox fanboys will brag that xbox has a lot more games than the ps3. Overall this is untrue. The only two exclusives xbox really has is Halo 3 (which seems overrated to me) and Gears of War. PS3 has some incredible titles like Drake’s uncharted fortune, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Resistance (Resistance 2 coming out soon) and lots of others. And overall multiplatform games look better on the ps3 because it has a lot more “horsepower” than xbox. Also this spring and summer is going to give PS3 owners something to look forward to with MGS4, Littlebigplanet, Haze and lots of others plus HOME and the in game XMB. I think this year will prove that the ps3 really is superior to xbox

    Overall the ps3 has much more horsepower and potential than the xbox 360 and the wii. Also the playstation will be receiving incredible games in the future such as MGS4 which will be exclusive to the PS3 because of the disc space available on a blu-ray disc. The ps3 also is MUCH more reliable than the 360s 33% failure rate.


    p.s. The xbox 360 was also an option for me but when I compared them I wanted the best console I could get and the one that will be better overall. The 360 came out a year before PS3 and got a head start with games but the PS3 is quickly catching up with awesome games coming. Oh yeah and online for the PS3 is just every bit as good and better than Xbox live because it’s free and the soon (hopefully) release of Home.

  3. kinda lol but if you plan on getting one wait like until june 12th to get the 80gb(backwards compatibility) that comes with MGS4(game of the year) and the dual shock 3 controller for 500 i recommend having all three like i used 2(but elite gave me the rrod) so i only have the 60gb ps3 and wii. Right now im in a gaming bliss lol

  4. ps3 sucks it has one big game coming out give me a break does the ps3 have halo 3 gears of war 2 and fable 2? i don’t think so buy a xbox 360 its the best out there.

  5. Depends on why you’re buying your game system.

    If for some crazy reason you’re buying it for games, you’d be extremely disappointed in the current state of the PS3, given that most of the titles aren’t worth the plastic they are printed on.

    I say wait a year or two, the price will likely drop and they’ll have a few titles worth getting.

    Just note, that compared to the 360 and the Wii, PS3 games are a pain in the butt to develop. This turns off a lot of 3rd party developers, who opt to go with one of the other systems.

    Also, bear in mind that like the Jaguar, Virtual Boy, N-Gage, and the Gizmondo were all touted as revolutionary and had failed runs far more optimistic than the present state of the PS3, game-wise.

    However, the other features make it a nice thing to have around. Make your decision based on what’s important to you in a gaming system.

  6. Throw your Wii Away or give it to the guy who wanders across the street and lives in a refrigerator box. so at least it can go for a good use like burning and creating fire for warmth. Hahah kidding. You should go for ps3 buddy. All the upcoming titles are awesome. and some of those wont be in neither Wii and 360 vers. 360 only gots their HALO for a support. but soon youll see that 360’s buried.

  7. Wii is definately the best of the 3. I don’t really care about the graphics for games, so I like my Ps2 just as much as I’d like a Ps3.

    I’ve always liked the old Nintendo Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman games just for the fact you can actually like interact with the game with the Nintendo gun.

    Wii is just like those old Nintendo games, where you can actually interact with the game with the WiiMote.

  8. My friend has a PS3 and its killer, but you must have a good hdtv with hdmi cables.believe me (1080i what what!!), it whoops ANY Wii or 360. But I must admit, the Wii is hella fun. Xbox 360? Blah. Ps3 is the best, blue-ray, psp sync, online, etc etc. try doing all that with a lame 360. User preference tho.Sony always makes killer gaming machines.

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