Home Playstation Forum lets just say that there is a ps4 what would it be...

lets just say that there is a ps4 what would it be like?


i mean how the graphics or gameplay would change or is there a higher resolution that everything would be perfect that there will be no failures or no glitches? it would be like your really in the game that it would be so realistic that you really think your in the games. i know ps3 feels like your in the game but lets say ps4 comes will it have googles that you dot need tv or something like that? do you think this will happen in the ps4 if not what are your opinions if a ps4 comes?

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  1. it could have two gloves as controllers and emit holographic images around the gamer, immersing the person in the game with 360 degree view!

  2. I cannot say anything about glicthes or anything,but PS4 will probably invole using real-time movemnts as the controls.

    And either in holographic,or super HD display.

    Graphics will feel almost too real.

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