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Looking for a new game to play on Xbox 360?


I really like Resident Evil 5 on Xbox and that’s that type of game I like. I don’t like games where there are “objectives” like Condemned 1 and 2, and Alone in the Dark. I’m not a hardcore gamer, it’s taken me almost 3 years to beat Resident Evil 5. I just like to play on occasion. I want something I just walk through (with maps on where to go), kill things, killer bigger things. No puzzles, no “do this before you go on to next level.” The Gamestop employees keep recommending games and I try them and they are not the ones I want. I just played Red Dead Redemption and found it very boring. I loved playing Blood Rayne on the regular xbox too.

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  1. if you like resident evil 5 (like someone else said) you will LOVE Left 4 Dead 1/2. They are lighthearted, no story line in the way, and most importantly you can play any chapter of any of the campaigns whenever you want, a campaign lasts about an hour (some more, some less) and each chapter lasts 5-20 minutes, it REALLY fun.

    I would also recommend Batman Arkham Asylum/City, there are tons of things to do besides story, and best of all theres a huge map if you press the select button (which tells you EXACTLY where to go)

  2. Omg get “left 4 dead” its the most amazing and most funnest game EVER!! Its a zombie killing game and i guarantee that you will love it! Its addicting!

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