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Modern Warfare 2 Clan Xbox360?


I am looking for an Xbox360 MW2 clan that plays for fun and likes to win I am in 1st Pretige and play most game modes. Also two of my friends are looking for a clan they can join to. One started a week ago but is getting great scores and around 20 kills a game and the other is 2nd Prestige with a little more than 20 kills a game. If you are interested contact [email is not allowed]

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  1. We have about 1,000 members active weekly.

    We sent teams to MLG Columbus & Dallas.

    We have podcast, machinima, design team, tournaments, and GB teams.

    Mainly we hang out in XBL parties and have a good time.

    The following message will be how to join.

    Go to RGCLIVE.com

    Click on FORUM and Register

    Make sure to put Revofev Shadow as referrer

    And join the Salvation Battalion

    Make sure your username is the same as your gamertag!

    Please don’t post in the how to join section because your already accepted

    And when you are done, message me here and I can add you

    [url is not allowed].

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