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MW3 aimbot mods, or other mods?


ok, before i start i don’t want anyone telling me that i shouldn’t use aimbot since it is cheating.

Because, i only want to use it in PRIVATE matches 😉

so, does anyone know any mods for PS3, from online vaults for MW3 which have aimbot or superjump?

I have knockback, God Mode, and unlimited CP’s. but I’m looking for other PS3 mods, thanks!

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  1. Private Matches?Surreeeeeee.
    I heard there is a Star Wars mod, lol thats it. And of course unlimited grenades and knifes, my friend does them on his PS3 but he makes his own mods, but the grenade thing I have seen in a match which kinda just sucked the fun out of everrything.

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