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My original Xbox disc tray won’t open?


It’s not 360 (I know it’s old but I love it)

This has happened before but I fixed it using the small hole at the side and using a broken paper clip to push the mechanism manually and I usually put a disc inside and it worked beautifully

One day when I was changing the discs, the disc tray closed and I couldn’t open it.

I used the paper clip method but I, for some reason, couldn’t find the mechanism. I swear I tried like 25 times to push it.

Any advice?

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  1. Have a look here: [url is not allowed].

    Oh and it’s a good idea to clean up all the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Back in the days I did that once every year, to prevent any heat problems.

  2. there way fix problem with xbox disc tray is stuck. Is inside the xbox disc drive. Open your disc tray and take out rubber between gear. When take out rubber part clean with water and dry.

  3. My son has never thrown out this old xbox’s, they take pride of place in his room and the 360s will go in there one day as well. Time to upgrade?

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