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My Ps3 Has Huge Problems. Help Please?


OK so my Ps3 is a backwards compatible model made in 2007 of February

My problems started with a game called RAGE Anarchy Edition.

Once I had died and was taught how to De-fib myself I was to kill. on my 3rd kill my ps3 reset itself.

This was my first problem. I ended up having to reset my Ps3 Via a Game called Skyrim Legendary Edition. Yes it does act as a storage media device.

Anyways it seemed to work but after the same problem occurred three time I am now left with having no picture and no way to go into the 6 options to restore system or system update. Option 5 and 6.

I do not use online accounts and this was the easiest way to ask help.

Is there any way to fix my Ps3 Without having to send it in?

I’m sitting on a gold mine since these models are extremely rare and not in circulation any more.

Hate to lose what will be called a vintage in 10 or so years.

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  1. try holding the power button down untill you hear three beeps(i blieve it is) It will reset the picture back to normal taking your hdmi setting off.

  2. EDIT: Good details, thank you. So with that being said, then have you tried another HDMI cable? Or tried switching ports, using the standard A/V cable instead of HDMI? That’s the next step I would recommend. After that, if it’s still not working, then I would say it is a hardware issue.

  3. What can I say , it is 6 years old and most of the ps3 consoles that old are no longer working so maybe you just need to toss it and buy a new one? You seem to think it’s a gold mine , but it’s not , they sell for around $110 online which is less than the newer models sell for used , sony made several million if that model so it’s not rare or hard to find and since psn has ps2 games now the only thing that made it desirable , being ps2 play is not a factor anymore so you just have an old console that’s in bad condition not a rare gem that is worth a lot of money

    anyway , it probably just needs to be reset so the video settings can be set for the tv , ( hold the power button for 10 seconds ) , and if it doesn’t get fixed by the reset you should get a new ps3 and be glad your old one lasted twice as long as most ps3 consoles do

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