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My PS3 won’t read games?


I let my little brother play on my PS3, he’s 10. I come home and he said the PS3 won’t play any games anymore. I think the lens is broken? Is there any way to fix it myself and how do I ascertain if it’s broken or the lens needs a simple cleaning. Can a game really break the lens?

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  1. Lens might be dirty , you can buy a lens cleaner disc at the store for 10 to 20 dollars that might clean it, or open it up and clean the lens manually with a q-tip & alcohol ,, should be youtube videos that will show you how to do it.

  2. As Cisco said, try cleaning the lens first. But if it doesn’t work the drive is pretty easy to replace, It’s usually just a few screws and a ribbon cable. There’s lots of gudies on you tube showing you how to replace the drive.

  3. First, buy a drive cleaner. It’s a little disk that you put in your disk drive and it cleans the lens. If it still doesn’t work after you do this, you’ll have to replace the entire disk drive. It’s not really that hard, but will cost quite a bit and can’t be guaranteed to last too long.

    If the disk cleaner works, then it’s all good. If the lens is dead, just buy a new one, replacing the entire drive is too long unless your PS3 is still under warranty.

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