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My TV Doesn’t Detect My HDMI Cable? What do I do? I just received it today.?


I just received my HDMI cable from Amazon.

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They claim it works for PS3 and it does. But when I turned on my PS3 the screen is blank

I went under Settings and Display Settings and tried to change it to HDMI but the Blank black screen appears.



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HDTV with HDMI Input

I know they say to change the TV settings to HDMI but my TV doesn’t say anything about it.

When I went to Audio settings to change it to HDMI it says

Error Please Make Sure Cables are fit in correctly & Turned On.

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  1. Did it come with an HD cable box? You have the TV, you have the service, but do you have the HD Box?

    Just a thought.

  2. Check to make sure the cable is plugged in all the way. Sometimes those HDMI cables have a bit of plastic that make it hard to push in all the way sometimes.

    Have you pressed and held the power button on the PS3? That will reset the video settings. The PS3 will then auto-detect what settings you need for the TV.

    There also might be a HDCP handshake issue. Some TVs have a tendency to do that, but the TV will show no signal otherwise. Basically it requires turning the PS3 and TV on at different time intervals until they finally sync the HDCP (ie, PS3 on, wait 2, turn TV on, etc).

  3. I had a similar problem hooking my roomates 360 up to a non hd tv after having it hooked up to an hd tv, there was actually a switch or something he found that gave the option of hd or non hd, not sure if its the same for ps3.

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