Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 can’t read any games how can i fix it?

My xbox 360 can’t read any games how can i fix it?


Basically it just keeps saying open disk tray after putting game in or anything for that matter. doing my head in! please help!

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  1. The xbox 360 disc drive may be worn out.

    If you have a warranty then contact microsoft and they will fix it.

  2. Why don’t you ask the Xbox support and maintenance crew? It IS their job.

    [url is not allowed].

  3. You may need to clean the laser eye in the xbox. There’s a specialized disk that you can buy at pretty much any store that sells video game consoles. Also, check the discs for any surface scratches or fingerprints, if so, clean them too. If anything the laser eye may be junk or is old/broken. Try calling the xbox team up or just send it in to be fixed.

  4. omg omg omg that happened to my and it did my head in but lucky for u i no how to fix it. well make sure a disc is in the xbox. turn it on and now a tricky part when its on quickly open the disc tray take the disc out SLAM it shut and i do really my SLAM the S*t out it and quickly turn it off.

    then put a game in see if it works if it doesn’t work then try it again and again but it should work 1st time and defiantly second time but it doesn’t work 3rd time then try something else

    hope i help 🙂

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