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My xbox 360 controller wont turn on!?


Ok, so yesterday i was playing Skyrim on my laptop using my (wired) xbox 360 controller. Then, my computer started making noises like i was plugging and unplugging the controller. Then, i switched controllers. It worked for a time, but when i went to begin playing the next day, my controller wouldnt turn on, the controller would either stay off or the lights would flash once, and not turn back on. I dont like playing skyrim without an xbox controller, and i dont want to have wasted my money for both of those. Whats going on?

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  1. Source the problem first, check to see if any issues occur when using the controllers with an xbox. I’ve owned several wired xbox controllers and they have all shorted out forcing me to manually re-wire the connections. If your computer is constantly making connection noises it’s probably due to a short somewhere in the connection. I’ve fixed this before by removing the quick detach link in the xbox controllers cord and manually reconnecting the wires- however there are other places where there could be a short.

    If it’s not the controller it could be the usb port itself, or a maybe a driver issue- but doesn’t sound like it. If you can’t fix them there are cheaper usb controllers available for pc besides the xbox controller.

  2. Check your laptop Gaming control settings. Check mark the controller in the menu to use it. If It was wireless id say resync the 2.

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