Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 is broken, but I got it from ebay?

My xbox 360 is broken, but I got it from ebay?


I got a completely new xbox 360 arcade 8 months ago, still sealed and everything, but now it broke. Can I still send the xbox to Microsoft? Even if i have to pay, can I send it still?

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  1. Check your warranty. Call microsoft and find out if you can. If it red ringed before your warranty expired I think you can send it in to them and they’ll fix it for free, you just have to pay for shipping and whatnot. But like I said, I’d call their customer service line and verify that.

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    Go there and register your xbox. It will show you when the warranty expires, etc. From that website, you can fill out a trouble ticket and microsoft will send you a box. You put your 360 in the box and send it to microsoft and they send you a new xbox.

    If you decide to call the 1-800 number don’t tell them you got it from ebay.

  3. best is to phone them up and ask them for details

    we who may not work with microsoft will not be able to tell you the best answer

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