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my xbox 360 scratched a circle into my game wondering if could be fixed by the buffer machine at blockbuster?



  1. they might be able to, try giving them a call.

    also, another way to keep it from scratching the disks is by keeping the 360 in horizontal position or by not moving it while its on(if thats what u did). And if they cant fix it, theres plenty of other of stores that fix video game consoles and disks.

  2. I could probably tell you how this happened. Your xbox 360 was standing upward and not laying on its side. I recommend that you set your xbox 360 on its side as there has been many of people have had that happened.

    But with the Buffer Machine, there is no harm in trying. Or you can buy a scratch buffer for 20 bucks I believe if they sell them still as I have not used one in a while.

    For the guy who was talking about renting the game. He never said he rented it, He is talking about having BB buffer the scratches out for him for a fee.

  3. The scratch was most likely caused by the 360 being changed from a horizontal position to vertical or vice versa while it was on. As for the disc, depending on the size of the scratch and how deep it is, sometimes spraying it with deodorant and wiping it off will cover the scratches and make it playable. It has worked in the past for me and it might work for you. The industrial buffing machines are also pretty nice and seem to help most of the time. Hope that helped!

  4. While it is possible that the machine could buff the scratch out, it depends entirely on how deep the scratch is. In addition, you should contact Microsoft immediately for this, not only should this be covered in the warranty (unless you hacked the XBox or screwed with the ROM on the optical drive or otherwise did something to violate the vague and ambiguous warranty that constitutes the MS manufatcturer’s warranty) but if Blockbuster decides to charge you for the damage (assuming this is a rented title, I really can’t tell with the information provided), you really shouldn’t be made to pay. If Blockbuster thinks they can get the scratch out without in any way damaging the surface of the disc (some buffers leave circular markings on the disc which in some machines can cause read errors) then give that a shot.

  5. Lmao i have the same problem so i went to blockbuster and they said they’re not aloud to fix them anymore.

  6. It is NOT under your warranty no matter what anybody says and if you rented it, it was under your responsibility (just saying this to clear some false thoughts from others).

    The buffer should work on your game and you should definitely try, that’s what I would do.

  7. I did da same wiv FIFA08.

    The buffer machine will fix it.

    The guy at da shop said not to move my Xbox about cus it will knock something out of place and scratch the disk.

    Ask the guy at da shop about it

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