Home Xbox Forum My xbox wont connect to xbox live, help please?

My xbox wont connect to xbox live, help please?


Everything is plugged in and hooked up. I had this issue once before and resolved it but I do not remember how. I have tried restarting the router, switching out Ethernet cables, tried to reset the settings on the xbox, any other ideas? And please talk in layman terms, Haha I don’t know much about this stuff.

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  1. i once had this problem when i first bought my 360 and had to set it up. i had hooked everything up correctly and even checked the support site that xbox.com had. i resolved the problem by typing or in the search bar at the top of my browser. then i had to go into my network and this had shown a list of connected items to my router. i had noticed that it was picking up my 360 but it didn’t have DMZ host or the correct application listed. to fix this problem i had clicked on my 360’s ip address and next to it a box had shown up and the last item in the list of terms in the box had said enable application. i clicked this box, a screen popped up that said port forwarding and about halfway down the page there was another single line box that said “IPSEC ALG Client Dynamic ‘ and under that it said add. i clicked add then i scrolled through the list that had shown up and clicked on XBOX LIVE. i then clicked apply and the router restarted then i was able to get on line. this process should be the same with all routers i have tried it on 4 different routers and it has always worked

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