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My Xbox Wont Turn On?


last night and this morning my friend and i were playing xbox. it worked fine. I left it at his house for a couple hpours while he was at church. I go to pick it up and its all packed up. I put it in the car and go plug it in a few hours later inside. It wont turn on. Just sets and does nothing. My friend says he did nothing to it. and it worked fine when i left. Im realy pissed off i dont know exactly what to do. i just bought it off him, i traded a amp and some cd’s for it. What should i do. He does get pretty ignorant at times and i think he may have dropped it. however there are no rattling parts or cracks or nothing. Its 2 years old. I played it last night for hours and this morning for a hour or so. Could being cold make it not start. what should i do about this. what would you do

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  1. your console should turn on when the eject button is pressed.

    If the console turns on when you press the eject button but not when you press the power button, the console faceplate might not be attached properly. To make sure that the faceplate is attached correctly, remove it and reattach it.

    Position your console horizontally, as you would position a DVD player.

    Unplug the power cord and any other cables connected to the back of your console.

    if it still not working check the power supply light

    Check the light on your power supply if i your power supply light is green or orange and your console will not turn on, you should contact Microsoft or if the power supply does not light up it could be broke the power supply.

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