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Need Help connecting PS3 to wireless internet.?


I am trying to get my PS3 to connect to my wireless internet and I continue to get failed due to IP address timed out? I checked the IP address and put it in manually and still nothing. Help.

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  1. Hard to tell. Here are some suggestions.

    1. Your PS3 is too far to receive signal. (I had this problem and had to move it closer to the internet adapter)

    2. Your internet adapter might be out of date

    3. you should try turning off the internet to reset it

    4. if you move close enough the easiest way to fix wireless issues is to plug it in directly

    hope I helped!

  2. Reset all the internet equipment by replugging them. Use Automatic Wireless internet Settings when setting up the connection for your PS3. And make sure the password that you entered on the PS3 matches the one you set up for your wireless router.

  3. go to the settings thing and redo it all and have it do it automatically or you don’t have signal and it can’t connect because that has happened to me it has connected enough to read the name but then it doesn’t have enough strength to do anything else

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