Home Playstation Forum need help with my playstation 3 please?

need help with my playstation 3 please?


i’ve just bought a playststion 3 and set it up and stuff and opened an account to download games and things it says you can join an online community to play games against each other, how do you get on it cause i’ve tried and i just have my avatar in a room on her own can’t go anywhere am i doing something wrong?

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  1. You’re currently in Playstation Home dressing room. Just choose the the cloths, skins, hairstyle, etc. you like and leave the room by stepping near the door and download the patch of The Park and head down to Arcade(yes, you have to download Arcade patch as well) to play bowling, pool with people down there.

    Playstation Home is similar to The Sim but it’s Online you can chat, play bowling, pool, etc with other people around you.

    Try checking out these website to learn more about Playstation Home.

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    If you’re still confuse, add me on PSN, i might help you out, it’s “blizzarox” (Without the quote)

  2. well as everyone has said. its like an online interactive game same as sims. pretty lame but the only nice thing about it that u meet all the ppl who got ps3 u can make friends for me its pretty boring and filled with very annoying ppl if u want to do such stuff go to facebook or what ever u call it!

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