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Need help with my xbox 360 game! Please Help!?


Ok so my NBA 2K12 has a small crack in the center circle of the disc & it worked fine but all of a sudden it stopped working & now it says the disc is unreadable. Does anybody know how to fix the disc. I’ve already tried putting scotch tape over the slight crack & it didn’t work. So please if anybody knows how to fix the disc or any methods to fix the disc please help! Thank You!

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  1. One good way is to buy some toothpast, make sure it doesn’t have any bits in it, like grainy * or else it will just scratch it more. Put the toothpast along your scratch, then whip off all the excess * with a cloth of some sort. let the toothpast in the crack harden.

    If this sounds to risky, just take it in to a gamestore and ask if they can fix it for you, or if they have an idea how.

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