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New Xbox or Xbox 360?


I’m getting an Xbox for my birthday (in May), but I don’t know whether or not I should wait until the new one comes out, or whether I should just get the 360.

I fear that once the 720 comes out that all the new games made will no longer be compatible with the 360, but then again would I not be able to play 360 games on the 720?

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  1. We really don’t know anything about the 720 other than rumours. It’s also rumoured to have an official reveal sometime this month. My advice would be to just wait and see what Microsoft have in store for their new console. If it’s backwards compatible, that would mean that the 360 would lose value and wouldn’t be worth buying or even owning. However, if it isn’t backwards compatible, then the 360 will still retain value. If you’re desperate for a decision, I’d say buy yourself a cheap 360 with low memory to save some money, since we still don’t know anything about the 720, and if it is released this year, there won’t really be any decent games launched with it anyway. The good games won’t come until a year later, so there’s no point really getting the 720 as soon as it’s released.

  2. with the 720 possibly coming out in X-mas time I would get the 360 so you can get some game time out of it

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