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Old PS3 and the new Slim PS3?


are the features the same. is the only difference the size?

i’m thinking of buying a PS3 and i just found out about the SLIM PS3

please help!!

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  1. Only the early PS3 fat can play PS2 games. but do not get them, Because for those they are not Free year guarantee and they are really expensive. Get the Ps3 Slim it has all the same features from the PS3 Fat.

  2. Dbag is correct but the slim runs cooler since the AC/DC adapter is external and only certain models of the old PS3 were backward compatible “PS2” also the new one does not have the heat touch sensors to turn the unit on and off instead is a mechanical push button switch. there is a few difference internally mainly the efficiency of all the components. i would prefer the new one because it is hard and a little more expensive for the old backwards compatible version.

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