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only 6 more days.IM SO HAPPY.six days is when i get a ps3.what games should i get.?


im looking for open world(sandbox) games and really good shooter games>>>> is MW2 as good as they say>>>> AND is their any Accessories that a ps3 owner needs. i already got the mini keyboard. and im thining about gettin the ps3 bluetooth mic should i.
Five more days

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  1. LittleBigPlanet obviously one of the more creative games out there. I guess one of the most creative games out there!

    Now for open world games both Red Faction and Saints Row 2 are cheap and allot of silly fun.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 is great to if not a bit serious.

    Shooters I don’t do in but do ensure you have a second controller for when a friend is over.

    Oh and don’t forget a HDMI or Component AV cable for HD output. Yes sadly that isn’t standard included 🙁

  2. well my fav ps3 games are the following some old and some new


    uncharted 2



    cod world at war

    little big planet

    zen pinball


    heavenly sword

    virtua fighter 5


    bioshock 2

    need for speed undercover

    mirrors edge

  3. if you want a sandbox game get inFAMOUS and for shooters i would get MAG they are both exclusives and both good reviews

  4. If you want decent sounds when playing you should get the turtle beach P21 headset which will cost you 80$ but is well worth it when playing shooting game

    as for another accesories that should be it, headset and controller should be it.

    As for Games

    I recommend Uncharted 1 & 2

    MW2 as you said,

    Heavy Rain when it comes out on Feb 23rd

    BioShock 2 on Feb 9th

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