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pes2008 just came out here in USA, is it worth it to buy it?


I heard so many bad comment about it! I know its bad for the PS3, but is it good to get it for the PS2?

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  1. If it’s bad on the ps3 it’s probably because it’s a ported non-exclusive, which tend to have substandard video on ps3 because their basic dev design is alien to the ps3 architecture. This isn’t so likely to happen on ps2 because devs are more likely to build the game from scratch for that, since there’s so many tools for it.

    There is a demo for pes2008 on the ps store, so why not check out the ps3 version and see for yourself if it’s so bad. It’s not in the US Store, probably the european or japanese one. You can dl from those by making a sub-account on psn using an email address in europe or japan.

    I know FIFA 08 was ok but it is just like all the earlier FIFA games so it would probably bore you. Except there is a “closest attacker” button that you can press to make someone on your team challenge the ball-handler, instead of having to do it yourself, which is cool.

    The game I thought was really cool was fifa pro street, it’s a bit arcady but it’s fun.

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