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Playstation 2 help?


i have regestered my ps2 on the playstation site, will they now send me my network access disc or do i have to do something else please help i need that disc. i regestered on monday if that helps

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  1. Rifle Snake wrote:

    So I have a slimline ps2 and I really want to go online.I went out and bought the network cable.and tried to go online.But it said something about needing Network access disc configuration.

    I went to the Ps2 registration site and all that and gave my details. Will I receive the disc to my home and if so is that all I need now?.


    The Network Access Disc (Start-Up disc) just sets up your configuration and is not needed beyond that unless you want to register your NA with Sony, but that can be done via telephone. You can use the almost any online game to make a network configuration. Go to the online section of the game and then look for a button that says, “Create A New Network Configuration”. Click that and then follow the instructions on screen. The list of games containing the setup utility is found using this link: PS2 Games Containing the Setup Utility Please note that all games that support this feature may not be contained in this article.

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