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playstation 3 compatibility?


how does the playstation 3 play playstation 2 games? playstation 2 games all use dualshock 2 controllers with the wire. since the playstation 3’s controller is going to be a wireless dualshock 3/sixaxis, how can you use the controller from the ps3 to play ps2 games? or do you play them with the original dualshock 2?

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  1. ummm.the PS2 also has a wireless controller. you have to buy it separately, but it does exist. so whether or not the controller is wired has nothing to do with gameplay (except that it could die in the middle of your game).

  2. The DualShock hasn’t really changed all that much, when you look at it. The DS3 has no problem at all handling controls for PS2 games, just like the DS2 had no problem handling PS1 games.

  3. You can play PS1 and PS2 games on the PS3 by just using the PS3’s controller. There is no way to plug in a PS1 or PS2 controller to the PS3 because there isn’t a slot for it.

    The only PS3 that can’t play PS2 games is the 40GB.

  4. the ps3 controller is exactly the same as the first two. as they add things if you remember you can turn them off and on. I remember psone i would turn the analog off because it was to awkward. the ps3 sixaxis can be turned on or off on each game. Which I always have it off if I can because it is stupid. I bought toy home and played it 4 times.

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