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PlayStation 3 won’t show video?


I just got a PS3 today. I bought it from someone who was about to sell it to GameStop. They tested it and it worked. Now, I can only get audio. The screen is totally blank. I know it works though because he can hear the intro sounds. I have tried holding the power button for 5 seconds to reset the video, still just audio, I am about to try to buy a HD composite cable and try it that way, any help would be appeciated, the technichal assistance was a joke, i’ll be waiting for the next few days for a call from them.

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  1. check cable connections and make sure u plugged in the connectors in the right place.the yello,red and white connectors or try using the av to scart that came with ps3.

    also check if u selected the right av channel as some tvs have more than 1 av source.

    and if none of that works.try holding down the power button until u hear 2 beeps which means u set everything to default settings.

    EDIT: I am guessing that is why the guy was about to sell it to Gamestop. Try the ps3 on another tv to be sure that its the ps3’s fault if it works on the other tv then its ur tv’s fault

  2. It sounds to me like it’s not connected properly for Video. Also, if you’re going to go get a cable you need an HD COMPONENT cable and not composite.

    You can’t get HD with a composite cable. What kind of cable are you using now?


  3. Do you have the cords in the right huoles in your T.V.? is it a shortage in your cords? Do you have it on the right channel? (For most T.V.s You will have to have it on Video mode)

  4. Is it just the video that’s not working? Is it a DVD? maybe you should try formatting the system. Go to settings, then go to system settings, and try formatting your system. If it still doesn’t work and everythings plugged in right, make sure you have the receipt that the person gave you that he got with the ps3, and have sony replace it.

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