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Playstation 4?


Is it seriously possibly going to come out next year?

Why? Why so close to the PS3 release?

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  1. According to Sony, the earliest that you will see a PS4 is in 2010. But that’s assuming that everything goes wrong for the PS3, which I don’t think will happen. I think there will probably be a PS4 in 2011 or 2012, which is 5 or 6 years after the PS3’s release. There’s usually a new console every 5 years with the PS3 and the 360 being the exception.

  2. It’s just a rumour. Sony OFFICIALLY stated, that the life span of PS3 will be around 7 years. That means, that it’ll come out in 2014 or so. Just visit Sony press release center.

  3. no. why would they? they just came out with the PS3. they have a ten year life cycle and this is just the first year. it wouldn’t make sense to put another one out and mess up sales for the current two.

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