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Playstation Move trouble?


I just got the PS Move today for Christmas. And i downloaded the Eyepet demo, and i had the Move on top of my (probably about 30-40 inch) tall TV to play games, but for eyepet is has to be on the floor. We put it 1-2 inches off the ground, calibrated the controllers, and the Eyepet animal came up, and the dude on screen was telling us to wait and gently stroke the pet to get him to roll, we tried for 10 minutes and it didn’t work, and the picture wasn’t very clear, why is this? And i just tried to play Sports Champions again, and i couldn’t get the 2nd controller to calibrate when the 1st one did just fine, i tried getting the ball on the controller to face the camera and pressed the Trigger and th PS Button, and it wouldn’t calibrate even though i tried it like 15 times (I even tried putting it right in front of the lens and it STILL wouldn’t work. Why is this? Do you need a lot of light for the camera to work right?

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