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Playstation network trophys?


if it says “playstation network” on the top, does it mean it will have trophys

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  1. Not necessarily. Recently most of the PS3 games are just now adding trophies as an option to earn. Check out the list of Playstation 3 games on wikipedia. It will tell you what games allow trophies and what games don’t allow trophies.

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  2. If it says “Only on PlayStation” then you are more or less guaranteed to have trophies. Not necessarily if it says PlayStation Network.

  3. it depends, are you buying it at a store or the ps store, the ps Store will tell you if its trophy compatible, in regular stores it just means ps network only ( what im saying is you cant play it online anywhere else) so you would have to look in the back or find out online if its trophy compatible.

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