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Playstation Store Question, dealing with Memory?


OK!. So I’m playing a Playstation 1 game (Final Fantasy VII) and its NOT

a PSN download, its straight from the CD. Thing is, the CD’s are old and

have gone through a beating over the years but managed to play OK. There

would be times where it would lag or freeze.

So now, I considered to just buy it from the PSN store. So what I want to know before I Purchase and Download the PSN version, is if the Memory from the game already saved to my PS3 work for the PSN version I get, would it continue from my last save or do PSN game have separate folders to save games

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  1. well if u created that virual memory card thing for ps1 and saved it onto there then, as long its the same region and everything (does it matter on ps1?) it should

  2. Games from the PSN Store save to the internal HDD, not the Virtual Memory Card, therefore you would have to start the game over (you can’t use a PS1 disc save for a PSN download, and vice versa).

    While the disc game and PSN Store game are the same game (and the Store version is just a copy of the disc), because the two are saved in different locations, the Store version can not access the Virtual Memory Card save.

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