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Playstation store wont load! Please help!?!?


hey i can sign into playstation network perfectly fine but just half an hour ago i havent been able to sign into the playstation store while my friend can. ive tried evrtying. restarted my playstation, signed out and back in. restarted my internet. did a connection test and everythings fine just wont sign me in. ive updated it so therres no updates needed. i really want it fixed please is anyone else having this problem or has had this problem and knows how to fix it because black ops 2 is coming out in a few days and i really want to download nuketown 2025 but i cant if i cant access the store. i have about 5 accounts and none of them can sign into the psn store it must be a playstation error somehow. i have a 320gb playstation 3 if that helps. now while im typing this message the playstation store is loading and has been for the past 5 minutes but its not actually doing anything just has the loading bar across the middle of the screen and a shopper bag with a square triangle X and O like it usually does. usually it only takes like 10 or 20 seconds to load.

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  1. Yeah there was a big update for the PS3 online store! I updated it awhile ago and it looks great! I thought it was good before

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