1. Dont ever give your info to strangers. Try to login by answering the security questions. If that does not work there is no way. You could call sony but they will not do anything becaused you gave him your info. He did not hack you he scammed you.

  2. your ps3 account did NOT get hacked due to you gave the person your email and password,,

    you do NOT gameshare with strangers,,

    i would get in contact with sony and and tell them what YOU did and hopefully they wont ban YOU

  3. Call Sony ps3 Tec & anwser some security questions & explain what happend then you will have your account back.

    Or make a new account.

  4. You should NEVER give your log in information for anything to anyone. You did it to yourself. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. Anyone with a freaking brain knows not to do that. It’s not a hack if you voluntarily give people your information.

    Yeah I would tell you some stuff like a hacker got the info too to keep myself from looking guilty too. You are WAY too trusting. It’s still your fault.

  5. Gamesharing with random stranger you “met” in a game is a just a step above stupid at foolish. At this point there is little you can do besides contacting Sony. I suggest that if you do get your account back don’t gameshare with people you don’t know personally. (Examples: You can go to their house, they go to school with you, etc.) As others have pointed out you did not get hacked. Like a moron you freely gave out your log in information. At the very lease take responsibility for what you did.


    800-345-SONY (7669)

    Mon- Sat 6:00AM – 8:00PM Pacific / Sun 7:00AM – 6:30PM Pacific

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