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PS3 accounts?


I dont get the reason why you can make more than account on your ps3? I want to know why

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  1. If multiple people in the house want to have different friends as they can each have their own seperate set of friends, downloads, and games.

  2. Maybe for friends, or for a family member. Also, for the games in other regions. Like me for example, i have a US, JP, UK, and Chinese account. Why? Because Japan and China and stuff get all the good games 1st. So thats why you will need it, so you can get games that are not in your region. =D

  3. thats a real punch in the crotch (lol i love scrubs)

    its probalby like steam – gay

    only one copy of the game per steam account.

    perhaps just cos its a security measure or something.

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