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PS3, does it get hot or not?


My ps3 is placed in a well ventilated zone, i bought mgs4 with it and it comes with a disc with some previews of movies and games. I’ve noticed that the ps3 gets a little warm, is it normal? And when i take out the disc it cames out hot, is that normal too? And also, wich is better, horizontally or vertically? Thanx 2 everyone, sorry 4 my bad english.

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  1. man all my friends been having problems with the ps3 every since it came out we had are about 3 weeks before we notice it was started to get hot from the back of the system we have it right and the middle of the floor about 3 feet off the ground so it is very ventilated zone in started to blink on in off sometimes it frozed so we tok it back in demanded are money back in we still had are receipt so we got all are money back for the system which was about $529.00 in went back playing the ps2 better than getting hot for sure

  2. Yea its perfectly normal. Mine gets a little warm. I prefer vertically for mine. Just better ventilation because all of the fans will be able to blow out clearly and out into the room.

  3. Yes the console getting warm is normal, but as for the disk getting warm, that shouldn’t happen so try your PS3 horizontal, If you need anymore help, playstation.com’s forums are always reliable.

  4. theres alot of power under the hood, expect it to get a little warm, jsut like a PC. the internal warmth is waht heats up your disc’s too. the console should be a pleseant sort of warmth, not hot to touch, if it is i suggest you get it checked over.

    your better lying it down then the heat cna dissapate thru the bottom onto the table top/whatever its on.

  5. Don’t worry, it’s normal for the PS3 to get warm with all that power under it’s hood.

    As long as you keep it in a well-ventilated area like you already do, you should be fine. Also, don’t put it on a carpet or rug

    I find that it’s better to put it horizontally

    As for the disc becoming hot, I’m not sure what that is, try looking it up on the Playstation Forums or online

  6. The PS3 does generate a lot of heat and it’s kind of scary. Make sure you don’t block the vents, and it’s good that you have it in a well ventilated area. Some people add an extra fan, which you can buy at most electronics stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and I don’t think this is a bad idea.

    I prefer keeping it horizontal. This is not only the best way for it to fit on the shelf I’m using, but I also think it helps keep it cooler by at least a little bit.

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