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PS3 Download Slow. Please help. 10 Points?


I have a wireless connection and im close to my router and on my ps3 it says i have 97% connection so when i download demos or even system updates it usually takes about 1 hour for system update and an about 2 hour for demo. Can you tell me how i can improve my download speed. I even turned off the computer and the download speed was still slow. Should I get an ethernet cable? Tell me what i should do to improve the ps3 download speed.

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  1. Yeah, happened to my friend!

    her was 98% yet, it still took a while,

    I told her to move the Router or the PS3 nearer and it got to almost 100%, and it wokred!

    If it doesnt work for you, you could get an ethernet cable,

    and if it end s up not working,

    just return it!

  2. Well it’s not your PS3, it’s because the things your updating. Updates are usually big and take a long time to download. And demos are even bigger, it takes me way more than 2 hours for demos. So your connection is fast. Ethernet cable is faster, so use it if you want

  3. You need a faster internet connection, that sounds way to long.My PS3 does that in less than half the time, but I do use a Ethernet cable.

  4. you must just have either a slow router or a slow connection to begin with. the only way to get better speed would be to buy faster internet. or you could connect it to an Ethernet cable. that wouldnt make your internet that much faster but it would help a bit because it would work at the same speed almost all the time.

  5. people keep blaming the Internet speed i don’t think that’s the problem its just the way the PS3 is with updates maybe to make sure they don’t stuff up i don’t know

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