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PS3 flashing red light.fixed itself? Or is there still a problem?


Last night, I was playing my PS3 (Fat model, 80gb, it was the Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle. Got it in September 08) It had only been on for two hours at this time, and I was playing a game (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, if it makes a difference) but nothing really strenuous was going on, just climbing a cliff. All of a sudden, my PS3 turns itself off, and the red LED light started to blink. After panicking for about half an hour, I flipped off the back power switch and left it all night off. Then, this morning, I turned it back on, and everything seemed normal (Only difference was I got the screen “PS3 has turned off irregularly, please turn it off through the XMB bar to avoid file corruption”, which I proceeded to do.) It now works just fine, I can turn it on and off regularly, I put in all 18 of my PS3 games, all of which worked and played correctly, none of my saved data or anything is missing, and the fans sound normal.

If there’s a problem, I can’t see nor hear it, but I’m still hesitant to be using it, in case something is still damaged, and I do NOT want to get the Yellow Light of Death. It could be an overheating issue, but I don’t know what overheated or was damaged on the inside (And I’m a teenage girl, certainly not one who wants to tinker with the insides much myself. I’d rather buy a new PS3 than mess up trying to fix it!) I live in a desert, and while it’s been relatively cool for summer (80’s on average) there’s a lot of dust in the air and such. However, last week, it was in the mid 90’s, and I played Red dead Redemption for about 6-11 hours each day, and the fans kicked in big time. I didn’t think much of it, because they always do that in Summer, but maybe that was the real cause? I have six cats, if it’s worth mentioning, and they do shed.I’ve never vacuumed my PS3 vents, though I plan to ASAP, as well as syncing my trophies and backing up my hard drive (I had planned on it anyways recently, only 30gb left out of 80!)

Basically, I want opinions on what to do? Sending in to Sony is not really a top priority, but I don’t want to continue using it if there’s an underlying problem. I don’t WANT to have to buy a new Slim PS3 (No backwards compatibility!) but I’ll do that before I send my PS3 into Sony. Do I just have to get a new one, or any ideas on what could be wrong? Or will it be just fine after a good vacuum? Sorry for writing an essay, but the more informed, the better the answers! Thanks!

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  1. Sounds to me like an overheating problem. By reading what you have said it cooled off when you turned it off all night. It will happen again, it’s just a matter of when.

    The only way to fix it when it dies is have Sony fix it, find a local shop to fix it, or fix it yourself. Based on what you said you will probably have to buy a new ps3 when it breaks.

    If you decide to fix it yourself use a good guide and you can do it pretty easily. Here is the best guide:

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