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ps3 game sounds?


I have my ps3 connected into my computer monitor via a cable that converts HDMI to dvi. However, my monitor doesn’t have integrated speakers and so I cannot hear volume. Is there any headset or cable that i can get to get sound. ( right now I have the red and white cables connected to a box TV that’s sitting in my room). Anything under 30 dollars would be fantastic.

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  1. you can either get a stereo and speakers and conenct the ps3 av cable then set the ps3 to audio multi out ( cost? maybe $250 for a decent but still cheap setup ) or spend $69 for a wired sony playstation silver edition headset or $99 for the gold edition and get 7.1 surround with a sinple plug and play setup

  2. The best option is to get a set of speakers that plug either into the av cables, or the optical slot on the back of the ps3.

    You could also get a cheap wired headset as well (as long as it plugs in via optical cable

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