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Ps3 hard drive question?


Ok so I have a 12 GB hard drive in my ps3 and I have like 2 GB left. Can I use an external hard drive on my ps3 to install games that need install?

Ok, but how do I upgrade and what is this about a external hard drive just for ps3, that some guy at a shop tolled me about?

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  1. u cant use the whole memory i have 320 gb and can only use 3/4 of the memory for games but yeah u can put pic and music and apps

  2. No , you must use an internal HDD to play games from – just pop out that tiny hard drive and put in a 500 gig one , its cheap and takes only a few minutes to do.

    the ps3 can only use external drives formatted in fat32 format and fat32 can not run software or install any file larger than 4 gigabytes , you use an external for a backup or storing your music and videos on.

  3. No, the system will pull data from its internal HDD first. It won’t be able to pull that data as you have to tell it to via the XMB menu. You can store all of your music, movies, and pictures on an external harddrive if you’d like to save internal space. I had to replace my HDD in order to have the space I needed. Get a SATA 5600RPM HDD online for cheap and just upgrade the system. Cost me 50 bucks and I was able to go from 40GB to 500GB.

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