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Ps3 has the yellow light?


I actually have more than one question.

1) If I send my playstation in will they give me back the one I sent in or another one that’s already been fixed?

2) Will I lose all my trophies from my games?

3) I’m already out of warranty, so if my warranty sticker is gone will they still fix it? (no I didn’t open the playstation though)

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  1. 1) they will send you a refurbished one.

    2) No, your trophies are connected to your PSN account.

    3) without the warranty sticker Sony wont touch it, mine personally got the yellow light and i took it apart and cleaned it out and worked like it was new. that’s your choice to do though.

  2. It depends on what you want. You tell them if you just want a refurbished console back or if you want your same console back. The refurbished one they send to you right away while your own co solee getting fixed could take some time.

    The trophies will all save as long as you sycnhed them to the server everything you didn’tt sync will be lost.

    im sure they will fix the ps3 as long as you pay up with the money

  3. The yellow light or know as the yellow light of death means you used your system and or you overheated it. You would be better off getting a new ps3.

  4. 1) No. You are out of warranty so they will send you a SAME refurbished one.

    2) No. They are stored in your PSN account, not your PS3 but I think you DO lose your saved data.

    3) There is no “warranty sticker” on my PS3, I don’t know what you mean by that.

    I also recommend you to call Sony just in case this is wrong.

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