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PS3 HDMI cable problem?


So 2 weeks ago I went on a family vacation to my grandparents house in Mexico and I brought my PS3 with me but when I came back I realized that I left my AV cable by accident (the cable with the red yellow and white plugs) so a week ago I bought an HDMI cable as an upgrade and replacement but it was on clearance sale so I got it for 8 dollars when it was 15 (good price huh) but it wasnt the official Sony model (this one was made for Blu Ray players) but I got it anyway so then I went home plugged it in and it worked and it looked AWESOME but I’m easily impressed

Main problem: so like 4 days after I got it for some reason sometimes it would just randomly show up a black screen, I can’t hear anything and all I see is a dark gray screen and sometimes after like 30 seconds the screen turns darker into a deep black like if the tv was off and it really annoys me >_< So I’m asking is there a way to fix this or is it the cable and if it’s the cable will it stop doing this if I buy the official one for the PS3 thanks

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